CDA Dagupan Conducts ADR and BBSB Fora in Region I


February 10, 2014. In line with the CDA-DAR Partnership Program for ARB Cooperatives, The Cooperative Development Authority – Dagupan Extension Office conducted simultaneously For a on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Big Brother/Small Brother (BB/SB) as part of the identified form of technical assistance by the agency to strengthen and build the capacity of the ARBs. The fora were scheduled per province as follows: January 22, 2014 for La Union; January 23, 2014 – Ilocos Sur; February 5 – Ilocos Norte and February 7 – Pangasinan. This activity is intended to create awareness on inter and intra cooperative disputes. Intra cooperative disputes covers dispute or controversy involving members, officers, directors and committee members while inter cooperative disputes and related issues are those disputes between and among cooperatives, their federations, and/or unions.

dagupan adr2Also discussed was voluntary arbitration under the institutional rules promulgated by the Cooperative Development Authority, after compliance with the conciliation or mediation mechanisms embodied in the by-laws of the cooperative and such other applicable laws.

Another objective of ADR is the review of the duties and responsibilities of the Mediation and Conciliation Committee.

Meanwhile, the Big Brother/Small Brother Fora was anchored on the two principles of cooperative namely: Cooperation among Cooperatives and Concern for the Community. It aims to 1) provide overview on the Big Brother/Small Brother Concept; 2) identify technical assistance needs of the small brother coops; 3) link the needs to the technical expertise of the big brother coops. The Regional Technical Working Group (RTWG) of the CDA-DAR spearheads the implementation of the forum per province in cooperation with all the field personnel and representatives from DAR.
The Resource persons for ADR were Regional Director Ray R. Elevazo, and Senior CDS Evelyn B. Muñez while the BBSB was facilitated by Assistant Regional Director, Josefina B. Bitonio. CDA Provincial Teams also participated and assisted in assessing the technical needs of the small cooperatives. It is expected that by 2014 both DAR and CDA can meet all the big brothers cooperatives to link the needs of the small cooperatives in Region I ( Jackie L. de Leon- Acting Sr CDS PDA).

JANUARY 22, 2014

The CDA – DAR Partnership Program aims to strengthen and enhance the skills as well as build the capacity of cooperatives particularly the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries. There is a need to disseminate the Alternative Dispute Resolution process which will serve as a guide for the Mediation and Conciliation Committees and other Officers of the cooperative in case there are disputes or controversy involving members, officers, directors, committee members, and intra-cooperatives. Components of ADR are Mediation, Conciliation and Voluntary Arbitration. These are procedures generally a more informal and less expensive process which tends to leave parties with more amicable results. Big Brother and Small Brother Program, anchored on two principles of the cooperative, among which is the 6th & 7th “Cooperation among Cooperatives” and “Concern for the Community” respectively. The objective of the Big Brother and Small Brother Program is to identify the technical assistance needed by small coops and link their needs to the technical expertise of the big brother. Thus, the conduct of ADR and Big Brother/Small forum is necessary and vital.

The Resource Persons on the Alternative Dispute Resolution were Dir. Ray R. Elevazo and Sr. CDS Evelyn Muñez. With the Memorandum Circular 2013-20 & 21 issuances, they explained the composition of Conciliation & Mediation Committee, their duties and responsibilities and the procedure in handling mediation, conciliation or arbitration. The participants actively participated and the issues and concerns were clarified.

For the Big Brother and Small Brother Program, ARD Josefina Bitonio introduced the concept and the possible areas of technical assistance that could be linked to the big brother coops. A workshop facilitated by Ms. Jacqueline L. De Leon was undertaken in order to identify their priority needs for technical assistance by big brother coops. Based on the workshop some of the priority needs of small coops are: 1) Policies of Operation; 2) Education and Training Program; 3) Strategic Plan; 4) Human Resource Development & Management and 5) Membership Expansion.

Finally, the participants were provided the materials for their reference.


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